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2003 Ford Ranger

Photobucket Well, the universe provided the truck I was looking for. I traded my motorcycle for an ex-fleet Ranger (VIN-based info) that had been put out to pasture by the small-business owner. He had four (?) newer ones and this one was the oldest, handling "backup truck" duties.

It's a 2.3L 5spd standard cab truck, which is exactly the setup I wanted. On the way home (180 miles up the highway) it averaged 26.1 MPG on the highway running between 65-70mph. Awesome! It's got a kerbillion miles on it, so some work needs to be done. See the bottom of this page for details.

Things I love about this truck

Some of these things are inherent in trucks-in-general.

reverse timeline

planned upgrades

You can tell it doesn't take much to make me happy.

challenges and issues

Ranger quirks

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