mouse uses and recommends...

I try to use freeware and open source software, donating to particularly useful projects and individuals.

Donations: AdFad (CM developer for p500 platform), CyanogenMod for android phones, chirp radio programming, calibre eBook management.
Forums: Two Wheel Texans, Home Brew Talk
Microloans instead of charity: Kiva on its own page
and even a few pieces of shareware from the BBS Days: Bluewave. Doom, Doom II.


Zenni Optical has made me two pair of perfectly serviceable eyeglasses for cheap. My single grind were $20-something (shipped). Bifocals were $50-something. Wal-mart also made me a serviceable pair, although they cost about 2X what they do from Zenni.

I love my celestial binos and 6" reflector from Celestron.

music software

I recommened abcde for ripping to mp3 with LAME, or to flac, or to ogg-vorbis (yay, ogg!), or any combination thereof.

music hardware

Android phone.

Operating Systems

I use mainly linux distros; my thoughts on the matter and recommended distros are elsewhere.

multimedia software

Currently using Plex because I don't have sat or cable.

multimedia hardware


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