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"You don't save grasshoppers by feeding them when winter comes; you save grasshoppers by turning them into ants." -- Jack Spirko.
"When grasshoppers get hungry they turn into locusts." -- LdMorgan


One way to judge your preparedness for a given situation is to evaluate your skills and preps in the context of a given scenario. A scenario is essentially a "what if" question, and you provide the answers. Scenarios are divisible into two basic types: simulations where you act as if the scenario were reality, and tabletops where you run through the scenario mentally, verbally with a partner or group, or on paper.

There are also short-term skill tests that I will refer to as "games". These are amusing for adults, and may also train children while keeping them busy. :-)

In group scenarios it works best if one person owns the scenario, makes the rules, and settles disputes. Perhaps we should call this person the "scenario master" (SM) in homage to the "dungeon master" (DM) in role playing games.

Active simulations

Simulations are excellent tools for aligning your perception of your readiness with the reality of your readiness.
"Oops, I must have taken the hatchet out of my go bag." "Crap, this lantern is not fueled and I don't have any more." :-)
Simulations work best when you want to model likely, significant scenarios. For example: tornado on your street in Kansas, flooding in Mississippi delta, etc.

tabletop scenarios

Tabletops are where the imagination really runs wild. Works well in group discussion around the table. The scenario can be as wild or improbable as you want.


Games are very short in duration and usually rely on surprise. Like Cato jumping on the Pink Panther, these games teach us to be aware and prepared at all times.

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