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"You don't save grasshoppers by feeding them when winter comes; you save grasshoppers by turning them into ants." -- Jack Spirko.
"When grasshoppers get hungry they turn into locusts." -- LdMorgan

personal and community communication


Upside: widely available, inexpensive, PL codes, simple operation.
Downside: UHF is line-of-sight (short range). Use of GMRS requires a non-free license. FRS freqs limit to 0.5w. "Blister pack" marketing mean the freqs can be unusable without PL codes enabled.
Tips for most effective use -- Avoid communicating on Ch 1; by convention it is used for establishing contact then moving off. A "hailing channel", if you will. Some orgs monitor Ch1 (no code) for emergency and assistance purposes. Also; since this is the default channel radios are tuned to it will have the most traffic from clueless folk. Avoid ctss code 1, or codes that match the channel number (ie, 14-1 or 14-14) as these are common configurations. Arrange your channel/code choices in advance and have the combinations pre-saved to the unit. Tape your channel to the back of each radio. The first choice in your channel plan should be a FRS channel 8-14, since those usually run the FRS max of .5W instead of higher wattage. This avoids licensing issues and (more importantly in an emergency) reduces battery drain.


MURS radio - Upside: no license required
Downside: 5 channels and VHF spectrum can lead to interference..

40ch, 11m CB

CB - Upside: much improved range. 40ch. SSB (12w) for power users.
Downside: not portable as an HT. HTCBs are poor performers. Idiots.

wifi mesh

AdHoc wifi mesh - Upside: free, addressable, can use normal phone number as a mesh address.
Downside: Very short range. Smartphones tend to have small battery capacities.

my choice

/ GnuPG public key

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