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"You don't save grasshoppers by feeding them when winter comes; you save grasshoppers by turning them into ants." -- Jack Spirko.
"When grasshoppers get hungry they turn into locusts." -- LdMorgan

72 hour kit

The idea here is to have enough supplies for everyone in your household to survive 72 hours with no reinforcements. Enough water and food (and a way to cook as needed) to survive 72hrs with no food, water, or utilities. This is generally for shelter-in-place; this explains the focus on food and water.

The generally recommended numbers are 2,000 calories/day of food and 1 gal/day of water for hydration and hygiene needs.

My current implementation

I keep each family member's kit in its own pickle bucket. This makes it portable, easy to account for at a glance, and easily stackable.

The main problem with a pickle bucket system is that it can't hold much water. I fit 4L of water in the 5gal bucket and the rest is devoted to food.

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Tips for beginners

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