android for the win

A very rough page holding some info about my Android setup and for keeping a cellphone number on the cheap.

My current setup

HTC Inspire 4G (Desire HD), ATT phone used on TMO.
CM7 official Interactive 245-1024. ClockworkMod recovery.

backup phones: Optimus T, 16GB Kingston class 4 microSDHC card.
Resurrection - Non-US stock TMO ROM 2.3.4 cleaned up
stock LG 2.2 ROM rooted - crapware + Zeam.
CM7 official + Zeam + Interactive 122-600. ClockworkMod recovery.

cell phone frugality

If you use very few voice minutes (or can leverage VOIP solutions; see below) you can save a metric truckload of money by using a prepaid plan that charges by the minute. My favorite is T-Mobile's Pay As You Go plan, because after you add $100 (1000 minutes) to the plan you get 1yr expirations on your minutes. This $100 will last you a year if you use ~83mins/month or fewer. It also means your cellular bill is $8.30/month instead of $30 or $50 or $80 like the high-rollers are spending.

In the last year I have averaged 8mins/month (yes, eight! see below). At this rate at the $100 card would last 10yrs (!) and the monthly cost would be $1.25 (!), but since the mins expire you have to add more. The smallest increment is $10, which extends the expiry another year (and also adds more mins, but will ignore that for now). Over the 10yrs the total cost would be $190, or a cost of $1.58/month.

Think you couldn't get your own minutes down to that level? Here are some techniques to minimize your use of minutes:

How I use the Android platform

recommended apps discussed above

Details on use below.

Prior history

Ericsson r520m, Treo 270, Treo 600, SDA, MDA, Dash, Treo 650, HTC G1. If the 650 had a2dp bluetooth and WIFI I'd probably still be using it. I love desktop syncing, the perfect task/notes functionality. Close second: Dash, if it had a touchscreen.

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